Personal Umbrella
Comprehensive Personal Liability
Farmers Personal Liability
Personal Collections/ Valuable Articles
Homeowners Coverage
Condominium Coverage
Renters Coverage
1-4 Family Tenant Dwelling Coverage
Vacant Dwellings
Course of Construction


Private Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
Lessor's Risk Packages
Office Building Packages
Retail/Mercantile Packages
Commercial Property Coverage
Vacant/Renovation Coverage
Builder's Risk Coverage
Kiosk Coverage
Special Events
Jeweler's Block
Check Cashier's
Armored Car Companies
ATM Operations

Established in 2009, Wilson Smith Group’s purpose and vision is to create a highly focused Specialty Intermediary that will offer Agents & Brokers and their customers unique Products, Programs and Services through the strength of its Insurance Company Partnerships, Underwriting excellence, Superior Administrative execution and National platform.


Wilson Smith Group is headquartered in Houston and is currently in development of a number of Property and Casualty Programs targeted for specific industry groups including Armored Car Operators, Jewelers and Real Estate Investors.


Wilson Smith Group, in tandem with an Agent or Broker partner, is also geared to develop & administer new programs and improve or redesign existing programs, on a case by case basis.


To discuss a Program opportunity or find out more about our Underwriting Services, Please contact us

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